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Spam Flavored Macadamia Nuts

(2 customer reviews)


You’d have to be nuts to mix Spam™ and mac nuts, right?  Well, nobody’s nuttier than us, and the result is one of our all-time bestsellers!   It’s the classic Spam™ that goes crunch.  Presented in the signature “Spam can blue” logo packaging, they are fun munchies, great gifts for friends, and a happy way to remember your visit to Hawaii.



4.5oz Can Spam flavored macadamia nuts

2 reviews for Spam Flavored Macadamia Nuts

  1. Michael Talley

    My 12 y/o son Rex went to Hawaii with his mother recently and when he saw a can of your SPAM Classic flavor Macadamia Nuts he knew he HAD to get them for me! I do love my SPAM, but when I first saw the can I wasn’t too sure about how it would actually taste. Well, I just finished the can and here I am on your website looking for more! They do taste like SPAM, crunchy, yummy SPAM!

    • Duane Puhi

      Aloha, Michael! We are so happy to hear you enjoyed our SPAM flavored mac nuts! They sure are a favorite here in Hawaii too!

  2. Cindy

    You thought you guys were nuts for making Spam flavored Mac nuts? Well I’m even nuttier for first- buying them, 2- eating them and now 3- buying crates of them to pour into my claw foot bath tub to finally bathe in ecstasy. The first moment that nut touched my tongue, I knew I finally found real love.
    Salty. Hammy. Insatiable. Tasty.
    My toes curled under, my fingers clenched, and I exclaimed in guttural satisfaction.

    Thank you for turning my bleak, dull world into one filled with spam Mac nuts.

    They’re all the rage at my Tupperware parties!

    • Hamakua Macadamia Nut Co.

      Mahalo, Cindy! We are so glad you are enjoying our mac nuts. SPAM is a classic flavor here in Hawaii. What a great idea to offer them at your Tupperware parties!

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