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Pancake Mix

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Enjoy these fluffy delicious Hawaiian style pancakes and feel the Aloha of the islands no matter what part of the world you are in.  Hamakua Macadamia Pancake mixes include syrup and real 100% Hawaiian macadamia nuts.  There are no essences, perfumes or assumed macadamia nut flavors added, only real 100% Hawaiian macadamia nuts.  Fold these fresh macadamia morsels into your batter, or sprinkle them on top of  this island favorite tropical breakfast treat.

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11oz Pouch Macadamia Nut pancake mix, macadamia nuts, and comes with lilikoi or maple syrup.

1 review for Pancake Mix

  1. Winifred Daisley

    Delicious! We love the pancakes. having the little syrup packets is very handy for people on vacation. I would love to buy a big box of just the sweet potato pancake mix to send back home. Thanks!

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